Riding the wave: Vini Uehara is doing just that, and making waves at the same time. Born January 15, 1990, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he’s the product of a theatrical family, and a product of the times. Fashion, theatricality and youth all come together in his vision of today’s young people, not just in Brazil, but around the World.


From an early age, he demonstrated a talent for drawing people and the clothes they wear, in very creative ways. Stage costumes and lines of dialog filled his imagination, as he would watch his father act, sometimes falling asleep in the piles of wardrobe backstage. Unlike many others, he went on to realize this budding talent by attending fashion college, graduating in 2009.


He’s also comfortable on stage or in front of a camera. In fact, his striking good looks and brooding presence led to unexpected fame in, of all places, Turkey. A young Turkish writer ‘swiped’ pictures of him for a character in an ebook about teen romance: Kötü Çocuk . This led to an explosion of interest in Vini himself. He went to Turkey and discovered he had become a ‘teen idol’, with many passionate admirers. This led to a marketing collaboration with a Turkish brand, Mavi Denim clothing.


Not content with foreign fame, he became the Creative Director for Haas Young Wear, along with two friends, who are dedicated to creating striking fashion wear for evening and partying. The marketing of this fashion line ties in with his other creative outlet: writing and performing in The Youth Parade, a band that also features his big sister, playing bass guitar.


Despite all this public exposure, Vini is surprisingly modest and self effacing. His focus is on fashion, not being a Fashionista with a big ego. He’s been very vocal about how many people in the fashion industry can be shallow, manipulative and opportunistic. He was amazed at the outpouring of interest in him in Turkey, but did not see himself as deserving of it. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to move forward and make friends.


As part of his World tour, he also made an important stop in Italy (touring Rome, Milan, Florence, Lecce, etc.), where he helped promote GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. He had designed an exclusive collection of boots for the brand, and is a devoted wearer of these luxe shoes, boots, sneakers, and loafers. He continued his travels to London, Paris, and Barcelona, where he was featured in fashion shoots with some of the most important fashion photographers in the world.


All of this comes together in his vision for the future: fashion blogging, moving Haas Young Wear beyond the Brazilian market, and more music-making. The last part is just natural. He was named Vinicius, after the Brazilian composer Vinicius de Moraes, who wrote Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema). Now, he’s making a name for himself, online with his blog, his presence on Lookbook.nu (where he’s #2 out of all members, with 95,844 fans and 658,000 karma), on YouTube performing with The Youth Parade, moving Haas Young Wear forward, pleasing his 230,000 fans on Instagram (and growing by 1,000 fans per day), and, of course, with his thousands of adoring fans in Turkey. Riding the wave, and making waves – all in a day’s work for Vini Uehara.


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