This post is different from the others.  Is not about fashion, it’s about art!

I’ve wanted to share with you guys all my experiences about this awesome play that one of my best friends Laura Vicente is staring called “Fortes Batidas”,  or “Strong beats”.

With 15 actors, this play is about what happens inside this crazy closed box called night club that young people of our generation go to have fun, and end up crossing their lifes how they never expected to do. The most incredible thing is that the producers provide this experience as you’re inside a real night club living the moment with the actors. The setting is perfect, they have the smoking area, the bathroom, the bar (where the most of the fights happens) and the dancefloor of course.

Fortes Batidas has some characters that are wearing some of the t-shirts of my brand HAAS!

So if you guys wanna know more about this amazing project, go to




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