Unfortunately this cat isn’t mine. Her name is Maisha and she belongs to my friend.

I got a call couple of weeks ago from my friend, she said that she would travel to Europe for 7 days and she dind’t have anyone else to help her take care of Maisha. So she thought that i’d be the perfect person because I work at home and I absolutely love cats! She asked and immediately I agreed. Maisha arrived on Friday night, when I was alone drinkink a glass of wine and listening to music. She was so curious walking around my apartament, and discovering a very new place. We became best friends at first sight. When I was about to sleep, I closed my bedroom door and went to bed. Maisha started to cry in the hallway so I had to open the door and let her sleep with me in my bed. She slept above my head, it was funny.

In the next morning she was more confortable around my house and feeling that she already knew the place, so she was following me going between my legs and looking into my eyes everywhere I was going. So I noticed that she was very very needy, and she needed attention all the time, and there’s not a problem for me at all, because I love to spoil this little creatures.

We had an amazing week, I was happy, she was happy. But this 7 days were so fast that my friend arrived back to Brazil and went to my apartament to pick up Maisha. She was gone a week ago, I was very sad about it, I really created a deep connection with her and now it feels like something is missing here. But the good news is that I’m looking for a cat for myself, so i’ll keep you guys posted about my journey with cats!



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