LOOKBOOK: Sweater Vini Uehara and Vert Shoes

Vini Uehara (23) Vini Uehara (24) Vini Uehara (25)


Do you recognize this sweater? Well, in 2012 I graduated in Fashion, so the last project that I had to do was a collection about any theme I wanted to do. I chose “Rua Augusta”, a famous street here in Brazil that has a lot of young people drinking at the night, very expensive clothing stores, night clubs and etc. So this sweater was the masterpiece of the collection, and i’m very proud of it, so proud that I always wear it. I did the pattern design of all the clothes that you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwRjyItBe2Q

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by Kattiany Lima


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