LOOKBOOK: amazing colourful shirt!

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Well, I have to tell you guys how i bought this amazing shirt! I was walking on a very cold Sunday in Barcelona with my old friend Carolina, and we went to this market where a lof of hippies were selling their stuff to get some cash! And I saw this amazing shirt, it was love at first sight! So I asked the girl “how much it cost”. She said the price and when I was buying it, her boyfriend jumped in the middle of the conversation and said “no please, i can’t let this shirt go, i love it so much”. So the girl said “let it go, he bought it already”.
And the hippie explained to me that it was his favourite shirt in the world, but they decided to sell everything, so i had to promised him that i would wear this piece everywhere and have a lot of fun with it, to honor the shirt hahaha! So, i think i’m doing it 😉