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Vini Uehara and Mike Q (3)


It was a typical cold Sunday morning when Mike Queyn and I decided to photograph in the middle of the London streets. We picked the neighbourhood Bank where it’s totally empty at this  hour.  I bet this place would be very alive and crowed on  the hush hour during weekdays, but  at that time  it looked so mysterious and kinda creppy.

As a huge fan of Harry Potter it was very magical to be there because it remembered me of some scenes of the movie that were exactly the same corner I was at the Bank. It was great in the movie,and  it was amazing in person.

Mike is a such talentedd photographer and blogger and it was fantastic to share this moment with him! I can’t wait to go back to London!


Blazer Zara – bow tie Ramalama – shoes Guidomaggi 


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